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Easy Ways to Avoid Red Wine Stains On Your Teeth

Here’s how to enjoy a glass (or two) of vino without revealing a mouthful of purple teeth.

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or celebrating a friend’s birthday, sipping on wine is often a welcome part of the festivities. The fun quickly ends though when you realize your pearly whites are no longer so white.

What’s one need to do? Give up red wine forever? Nonsense—enjoy your Pinot Noir while avoiding wine stains with these tricks.


1. Brush your teeth before eating, not after.

The tannins in the wine cling onto any plaque on your teeth. Brushing before, of course, gets rid of the bad stuff, and decreases the chances of you getting that unsightly wine mouth. While it may seem like common sense to brush after as well, don’t do it. The acidity in the wine will leave your teeth extra sensitive, so brushing at that point can damage the enamel.


2. Drink sparkling water or seltzer.

Sipping on some H2O in between glasses has two big benefits. You’ll not only be able to enjoy your evening without getting too wine happy, but the water will also help loosen up the stains early on.


3. Wipe away the stains.

Simply cleaning up your teeth and mouth with a cloth or wet paper towel is surprisingly effective. So much so, Wine Wipes are actual thing you can buy, and they work like a charm.


4. Eat some cheese.

As if the pairing of wine and cheese couldn’t be any more perfect, cheese (specifically hard cheese) prevents ‘malbec mouth.’ Cheeses like Cheddar or Asiago coat your teeth in calcium, making it harder for the tannins to stick.


5. Stick to high fiber foods.

If there’s any time to get your veggie fix in, it’s on wine night. High fiber foods like cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, and potatoes require a lot of chewing, which produces saliva. The food itself and the extra saliva naturally scrub the stains away.